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Binogi at Home Video

Hello and welcome to Binogi. My name is Rosalia, and I’m one of the research assistants with The ESCAPE Projects. Today, I am going to show you how Binogi can be used at home with your child.

Binogi is an online learning tool that provides educational videos for math and science. Your child’s teacher will use Binogi in various ways: they can use the videos before, during, and/or after the lesson in class. They can also create assignments for students to watch the video and do the quizzes at home.

Once your child has a Binogi account, this is how their Binogi homepage looks like. As you can see, their recent activities are displayed, so you can easily check what your child is learning at school. If videos and quizzes are assigned to your child by their teacher, this is how it looks like on their homepage. The name of the Binogi lesson, tasks, and due date and time are indicated.

For this video, let’s say that your child has already watched a video on “The History of Climate Change” and did Quiz 1 at school, and you would like to review the lesson with your child. You can either click it under “Your Activities” or type it in the search engine.

The video has a number of features: 1) There is a transcript below the video; 2) you can control the speed; 3) you can rewind the video a few seconds; and 4) you can choose a language for the spoken language and subtitles. For example, let’s say your first language is Dari. You can select “Dari” as the spoken language and choose “English” for subtitles.

When you watch the video with your child, you can use this ‘play’ and ‘pause’ button to stop the video and converse with your child about the content at any time. You can also ask your child to tell you about the lesson before watching the video together. We encourage you to share your experiences regarding the topic as it will enrich the discourse with your child. For example, you might have experienced a natural disaster due to the climate change in your home country or while you were travelling. Sharing your stories will not only increase your child’s motivation and engagement in learning, but also provide an opportunity for them to inquire further and do their own research. Also, depends on the topic and your stories, it can help your child to broaden their perspectives and learn more about your or other cultures and countries.

Lastly, there are 3 quizzes. Like the video, you can change the language. Please note that the quizzes are ordered by difficulty and they consist of multiple choices, fill in the blanks, and written responses. You can either solve the problems together with your child or support them when they need your help.

If you and your child would like to learn more about the topic or related topic, you can easily find videos on those topics by using the search engine. For example, let’s say you and your child would like to learn about “greenhouse gases” after watching “The History of Climate Change”. Type “greenhouse gases” in the search engine, then it will show a list of videos that are related to “greenhouse gases”. It shows that there are 55 videos on “greenhouse gases”. From here, you can narrow down the search by subject and language. You can also find a video with quizzes only by clicking this bar.

I hope that this video was informative and that you feel more comfortable supporting your child at home with Binogi. Thank you!

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