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International Curriculum Comparison

Curricula of Different Countries

  • We have examined the curricula of different countries – comparing curriculum structure and guidelines, content (i.e., topics covered, sequence, and textbooks), pedagogical approaches, and types of assessment. We also spoke to teachers in the different countries to gain more insight and include their input in our comparison.

  • The number of countries that we have explored is not exclusive. If you would like to see a new country on this page, please reach out to the ESCAPE Projects Team at

Comparison Map

Check out the world map to find your home country or a country you’re interested in learning more about and explore its education system and curriculum. Discover diverse countries and their curriculum landscapes through our interactive Google Map. To get started, click on the markers to reveal valuable information about each country’s education system. You can learn about unique approaches to education and gain a deeper understanding of how various nations shape their learning experiences. Happy exploring!