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Math Resources

Discover curriculum, ministry, and other related resources to support your child’s Math learning journey.

Math Curriculum Resources

Explore the Ontario’s Math curricula for Grades 6-8 and Grade 9 (de-streamed). Get a glimpse of key learning areas and objectives to support your child’s mathematical growth.

Navigate through tables outlining both overall and specific expectations for each Math strand. Understand in more detail what your child will learn at each stage.

Math Ministry Resources

Explore Ontario Math Curriculum Expectations by strand and learn about the framework used by teachers to guide your children’s mathematical development in grades 6-9.

Support Your Child’s Math Learning’ is a resource designed to empower parents and guardians in enhancing their child’s math education. Uncover effective techniques, engaging activities, and insightful guidance to make math an enjoyable and practical part of your child’s everyday life.

This guide illuminates the transition to a single math course, outlining key changes, the curriculum content, and how you can support your child’s learning.


All Grade 3, 6, and 9 students who attend publicly funded schools in Ontario.


Math EQAO is administered in the spring term for Grades 3 and 6, and in both the spring and winter term for Grade 9.


EQAO is digitized and students take the test at school during regular school hours.


The results are used by educators, schools, and school boards to identify areas of strengths and areas that may need improvement in the education system.

How does the EQAO result affect a student’s final school grade?

The EQAO results for Grade 3 and 6 students do not count toward their overall math grade, whereas the result can count up to 10% of the final math grade for Grade 9.