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Poland Curriculum

The Polish educational system, overseen by the Ministry of Education and Science, follows a centralized structure. It begins with mandatory kindergarten at age 6, followed by eight years of elementary school and four years of secondary school. The language of instruction is Polish, and the curriculum is centralized, with approved textbooks aligned with the curriculum. Subjects such as math and natural sciences follow a specific structure across grades. The pedagogical approach historically leaned toward disciplined learning and memorization but has recently shifted to incorporate more student-centered and interactive methods. Assessment, including the Grade 8 and Matura exams, is managed by the Central Examination Board. The system includes two levels of difficulty, “poziom podstawowy” (basic level) and “poziom rozszerzony,” (extended level) allowing students to tailor their education. Schools have autonomy in selecting textbooks, and academic competitions are encouraged, particularly in STEM fields.