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Türkiye Curriculum

The Republic of Türkiye is a democratic, secular, and social state with its transcontinental borders in Europe and Asia. It possesses a rich history, natural beauty, and unique culture bridging diverse civilizations. Türkiye’s formal education system encompasses pre-primary education (kindergartens & nurseries), elementary education (primary & middle schools), secondary education (high schools), and tertiary education (vocational colleges & universities)K-12 education in Türkiye has a 4+4+4 system that students enroll in primary school from grade 1 to 4, in middle schools from grade 5 to 8, and in high schools from grade 9 to 12. While Türkiye also has a centralized education system that offers free public education to all its citizens and children under temporary protection (e.g., Syrians), it also has a private school system (%9.0 of the total students population attend). In elementary education, Science course starts to be taught by grade 3 for 3-4 hours per week and Math by grade 1 for 5 hours per week for all students with the same curriculum. In high school, Math (6 hours), Physics (2 hours), Chemistry (2 hours), and Biology (2 hours) are mandatory courses for all streams until grade 11. By grade 11, students are able to choose the science-math streammath-humanity equal-weighted stream, humanities stream, and foreign language stream. For more detailed and up-to-date information please check the Turkish-English bilingual document of the Ministry of National Education.