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The name of the projects comes from project #2 – Plurilingual Pedagogies, which is a SSHRC Funded French & French Immersion Project. We created ESCAPE from ‘Enseigner les SCiences Aux élèves PlurilinguEs’.

We also feel that Binogi allows learners to escape from their classroom into a new world – exploring STEM contents in a language familiar to them!

The three pillars are:

  • Integrating digital pedagogy
  • Language friendly pedagogies
  • Entry points for parental & community involvement

Check out our map by clicking on “The Projects.” You can see all of the schools involved in the different studies.

Project #1 – MITACS and Binogi

Project #2 – SSHRC

Project #3 – MITACS and Binogi

The three pillars of the resources include strategies on:

  1. Language friendly pedagogy;
  2. Binogi as an online learning tool; and
  3. Entry points for parental & community involvement.

  • These resources have been created to provide a resource for Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 teachers as a strategy to incorporate online learning tools such as Binogi in their daily lessons to promote student engagement in classrooms :
    • “Technology-enabled practice is increasing student engagement and student output—they want to learn more, and do more” (Ontario Ministry of Education)
  • While the lessons apply to all learners, the resource offers equitable strategies and tools to include language learners.
  • Each lesson has been designed to invite parents and community members to actively take part in their child’s learning. This results in:
    • Extending students’ learning beyond the classroom by inviting conversations about math/science
    • Transparency in regards to what students are learning at school


Each resource is organized in a three part lesson format as recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Teachers can use these resources in the following ways:

  • To try out in your classroom exactly as they are 
  • As a blueprint – to think about how you will structure your lesson, using a 3-part framework

  1. Choose a topic: For example, electricity.
  2. Find an associated Binogi video which supports the class material.
  3. Reflect on how and where you will incorporate the video in your lesson plan.

We have included one example of a package for your reference:

Order of Operations – Math

Electricity -Science

To easily find the video you are looking for, check out:

We have a video for you to watch here. In this video, we describe each step of using the tool.

Make sure you have an account for this website: if not, go to the teacher portal and sign up. In this tutorial videos under E-learning resources we explain step by step how to create an account. You can watch the video here.

Watch this video here. You can find more videos in E-Learning resources in the Teacher Portal.

Check out this video here. It’s available in French here.

Both videos and tons more are in the Teacher Portal under E-Learning Resources.