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Zahra Safdarian

Research Assistant | PhD Student, Language and Literacies Education, OISE, University of Toronto

What has most enthused me about Binogi project is my immigration and settlement history in Canada. When I immigrated to Canada with my 9-year-old daughter, I bitterly experienced how practicing monolingual and subtractive education system in multilingual contexts can result in life-long sufferings such as academic and social integration impairment which in turn cause mental health issues for emergent bilinguals. I believe that Binogi platform revives critical pedagogy through weaponizing STEM educators against monolingualism in the current globalized classrooms. Binogi is a unique manifestation of the way digital literacy can evolve the quality of multilingual education through investing on students’ and parents’ funds of knowledge and practicing translanguaging in classes. To me, Binogi is a huge step towards the ultimate goal of education which is “No child is left behind.”