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Rosalia Cha

Research Assistant | PhD Student, OISE, University of Toronto

When I first joined this research project, I was genuinely excited about the goal of this research project that is pertinent to both the multicultural, digital society and the current pandemic circumstances we are situated in. As an immigrant and an educator, I recognize the struggles English Language Learners (ELLs) experience and the challenges teachers encounter in their classroom of diverse population. With the understanding of difficulties experienced by different perspectives, I am thrilled to be part of this research project team to develop resources for teachers that implement Language Friendly Pedagogy, online learning tools (ie. Binogi), and parental/community involvement, which will fill the learning gaps caused by the pandemic and promote learner engagement both in class and at home for ALL students. I look forward to finding out how the participating teachers utilize the resources and how students response to them. Moreover, I am delighted how this research project creates a platform for the project team and teachers to collaborate and exchange ideas, thoughts, and experiences in order to enrich the project and one’s professional growth.