Alexandre Cavalcante, Antoinette Gagné & Emmanuelle Le Pichon- Vorstman (2024) Mathematical benefits of a language-friendly pedagogical tool: a praxeological analysis of teachers’ perceptions and practices, Language, Culture and Curriculum, 37:1, 27-43, DOI: 10.1080/07908318.2023.2265407

In this paper, we report on data from 40 middle and secondary school mathematics teachers and teacher candidates as they begin to articulate the intersection of language-friendly pedagogy, mathematics teaching, and a multilingual technological tool by way of a two-hour introductory workshop. We use an Anthropological Theory of the Didactic which recognises that mathematics instruction and language instruction are done differently under distinct institutional conditions (curriculum, culture, language, etc.) to analyse our data. Our findings suggest that teachers’ beliefs and perspectives regarding their multilingual students guide their choices about how to use a powerful digital multilingual platform to either remediate what they perceive as deficits in their students or leverage the assets of multilingual learners.