Curriculum Expectation

Overall Expectation

Investigate the properties of fluids.

Specific Expectation

Assess the impact of fluid spills on society and the environment, including the cost of the cleanup and the effort involved.


Learning Objectives/Big Idea

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate an understanding of the properties of fluids as it applies to society, environment and people.

Big Idea

Understand the effects that certain substances can have on the environment.

Binogi Related Resources


Pressure in Liquids

The following Bilingual and Add Your Language Glossary Sheets include terms from Binogi’s Pressure in Liquids Video.

The Blood

The following Bilingual and Add Your Language Glossary Sheets include terms from Binogi’s The Bloog Video.

Activity: Minds On

Predict, Observe, Explain

  1. Teacher will demonstrate oil mixing with water. Before teacher mixes, ask students to predict what will happen. Students will observe during the mixing and then explain what they saw.
  2.  Students watch Binogi video:
  3. Have a class discussion connecting this video with what happens on bigger scales such as during an oil spill.

Activity: Action

Story of the Great Lakes Activity

  1. Show students the map to the great lakes system and point out how the water goes through all the great lakes and into the Atlantic.
  2. Students will take part in the Story of the Great Lakes Activity. This is an interactive activity. This lesson can also be used to teach, and/or, tie in environmental science. 
  3. Have a class discussion on what happened during the activity. Or you can address some of the discussion questions as a whole class.

Language Friendly Pedagogy

Ask students whether they can add new vocabulary to their Concept Detective document. You may print this or make a copy for each student on programs like Google Classroom. Students will be encouraged to use this document each class to identify new words, consider writing meaning or finding meanings with the help of peers, teachers and/ or parents. 

Examples of concepts to add for this unit include: 

  • Fluids
  • Viscosity
  • Adhesion
  • Cohesion
  • Surface tension
  • Particle Theory of Matter

Consolidation/ Exit Ticket

Exit Ticket: Ask students to use Green, Yellow and Red post-it to write the following:

Green: A concept or term they understand well and that they are good to go with. 

Yellow: A concept or term that they kind of understand but would like to learn more about or again.

Red: A concept or term that they are still confused or wondering about.