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Related Resources

Math Resources

Prodigy is an online math game platform for Gr. 1 ~ 8 students.

Explore math at home with your children (K ~ Gr. 12)

Parents can inspire their children’s math learning in a positive and engagin way through YouCubed activities and games at home. The listed activities on the left are a few examples that family members can play together. For more ideas, please visit

Coding Resources

Program interactive stories and games (ages 8 ~ 16)

Scratch is a kid-friendly, free online platform that teaches coding through creative projects. Children use colorful blocks to build games, animations, and stories. It promotes problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity in a safe online community. Parents can join in to encourage their child’s learning journey and bond over coding adventures.

For ages 5 ~ 7, please check 

Learn how to code at home (ages 4 ~ 21+)

This platform provides a wealth of free coding courses, suitable for kids of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. Through engaging and interactive activities, makes learning to code enjoyable and accessible. It equips children with vital skills like problem-solving and computational thinking, preparing them for the digital future. Parents can actively engage in their child’s learning journey by monitoring progress, exploring tutorials together, and even participating in family coding activities.