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The ESCAPE Projects

Teaching and Learning in a Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Way

We explore the use of language friendly pedagogy in STEM education. We’re happy you’re here!

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Free guides for teaching math & science

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Free guides for including families in education

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Anonymous (Educators) 

“Thank you very much for offering…students such a great opportunity to accelerate the learning of math.” 

“Binogi [and] ESCAPE were both useful resources as they provided a learning resource that was already culturally responsive. They provided a good framework to work off of and build my own resources in the future.”

Cavalcante, Gagné, & Le Pichon-Vorstman (2024)

“Language-friendly pedagogy is a perspective that assumes that every individual needs to be included, as opposed to an integrative perspective that focuses on helping a particular student to catch up with the rest of the group. Language-friendly pedagogy embodies an asset-based orientation to every person in the school and calls for the languages and cultures of the school community to be visible both throughout the school and in the pedagogical approach adopted by subject area teachers (p. 31).”