Professional Development Videos


Our team of dedicated researchers, teachers, students, and parents share their experiences and speak about multilingualism, the challenges multilingual students face as they transition to new school environments, and the impact of language-friendly pedagogy on the teaching and learning of STEM subjects.

Professional Development

"ERGO EVENT: Binogi and Translanguaging Pedagogy"

“Professors Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman and Jim Cummins from OISE at the University of Toronto outline how Binogi can lead to teachers infusing translanguaging into classrooms.  Binogi acts as a bridge to develop translanguaging pedagogy for secondary teachers supporting multiligual learners.”

"ERGO EVENT: Understanding math curriculum in different countries to support multilingual learners: Curriculum mapping of Syrian curriculum (Mathematics Grades 4-8)"

“Have you ever wondered how math is taught in different countries? What topics are taught? How did some of your students learn math before coming to Canada? 

Learn from Dr. Dania Wattar and Dr. Emmanuelle Le- Pichon Vorstman at OISE, University of Toronto about the Syrian math curriculum, how it relates to the Ontario curriculum and the implications for teaching math to Arabic- speaking students.” 

"ERGO EVENT: Math Problems in Different Languages"

"ERGO EVENT: Exploring Multilingual Technology"

“Do you ever wonder how your multilingual learners solve math problems? Are you aware of some of the similarities and differences that relate to mathematical problems in different languages? Check out this fun session with Dr. Dania Wattar at OISE, University of Toronto where you get to try to solve some simple math questions in Arabic, learn about different numerals, and some tips and tricks related to teaching math to multilingual learners.”

In this video: Dr. Dania Wattar and Vivian Lee from OISE, University of Toronto discuss different technologies that can be used to support Multilingual learners.